Crevice Nematode is a fairly ordinary weasel. So how come he finds himself in a prison cell for a crime that he's fairly sure never even happened? All he did was get kicked out of a bar while trying to get his friend a drive in a motor race. The answer is a conspiracy that runs from the cobbled streets of the city of Splünge to the palace of the Crown Prince, via several members of the government, a teetering pile of papers, the badgers and their notorious 'community organisation' and the Greater Splüngian Empire's top motor race.


To his rescue come his friends, Jenatzy, a cat and out of work racing driver and Hannah, a stoat and junior reporter on Splünge's biggest newspaper. And into this comes the United Reformed People's Unity Movement For Reform - or whatever it is they're called - who think that this all looks like a fantastic opportunity to kick off that revolution. But it seems that their rival group, the sinister Movement for Greater Doggerland, is already one step ahead of them.


Warning! This story contains references to violence, corruption, extortion, gambling, revolutionary groups, firearms, rioting, looting, anarchy, civil unrest, cumquats, perjury and badgers. Reader discretion advised.

Crevice Nematode and the Sack of Badgers - Part One